DSC_0018“Learning gives creativity,
Creativity leads to thinking,
Thinking provides knowledge,
Knowledge makes you great.”
Dr. Abdul Kalam

Students of today are the torch bearers of tomorrow. At O.L.P.S it is a journey where one thing leads to another having the way for academic excellence. A journey from activities that inspire to ones that had. We pass the knowledge of life. A truly entertaining Journey indeed. There’s more to it than just the ambience. It’s about finding oneself. We touch lives, make a difference and teach our children to do the same.

“You can’t teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself”. Galileo Galilei.
In the present educational scenario, education systems not only face the dual challenge of equipping students with new knowledge, skills and values needed to be competition in the global market but also at the same time produce young children who are responsible adults and good citizens both of their Country and the World. There is brilliant child inside every student with this strong belief, we at O.L.P.S, try to instil in our children a love for learning which is the need of the day.

Education here is geared towards character formation complimented with the 21st century skills namely collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

I take this opportunity to congratulate our teachers, support staff, students for working hand in hand. May God’s infilling lead us on.

God bless the entire O.L.P.S family.

Sr.Aurelia Gaga